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Multiple Resource Selection


Hi there,

We brought this up as a suggestion quite a while ago, however it has since disappeared so here goes again.

Under the resources tab of a service, please could the service require ALL selected resources before allowing the booking. At present, the system just selects one resource at random, even if several are ticked.

This means that we cannot allow online booking for certain treatments at the risk of double booking a treatment room or resource. We have three members of staff sharing one CACI machine and two treatment rooms, yet we offer facials, CACI, waxing and nails, all requiring a room.




  • I have an identical issue that will cause me to leave if I have to re-book clients.  It is such a necessity.  

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  • Same here.

    5 cabin but only 3 moving waxing charriot available.

    If someone book a 4th wax online I have not the necessary tools.

    Same with hot stone set for hot stone massage, and so on.


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