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Ability to set delay timer for confirmation.


I'd love to be able to set a specific delay (minutes) between booking someone and their confirmation going out. Sometimes a mistake is made and not noticed right on the spot and I'd love to reduce the amount of schedule/cancel/reschedule messages that go out because of error. I understand if you change it quick enough before the message actually sends it seems like it cancels the action.


Just a little freedom on the choice would be great.


I'd also like to be able so search appointments created by different staff rather than clicking through each appointment number to manually see which user booked the appointment.


Thanks and love the service.


  • i would definitely use this  as  i dont really have a set schedual working from home and would like for the client  that books within 48 h  of the "today's date" to be approuve 

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  • Flint Loughridge & Danie Dutremble,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Currently, there's a delay of about 1 minute before a confirmation email is sent, to allow for any mistakes to be corrected, but we can look into making it longer. 🙂

    The user ideas section is a great place to leave an idea or feature request and have the community vote. We also track these internally from emails we receive which we add to the total tally.

    Appreciate that we aren't always replying within the community as we're primarily working closely with each partner to bring out all requested features. Drop us an email at hello@fresha.com anytime if you find we haven't replied here. 💖

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