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Products after deposits and longer appointments


hi for Fresha to work for us we really need to be able to add products after a deposit has been made on a booking, at the moment we are in able to add products after an appointment has been part paid.

the other thing we need is long appointment booking times, we hold spa days and breaks and at the moment we can only do a 12 hour booking for a spa break which doesn’t work on checking out. 



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  • Hi Alex Petkovic,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback!

    You're correct - it's not currently possible to add services or products to a booking once it has been part-paid. The reason for this is that an invoice has already been raised, and invoices cannot be edited with new items or backdated. 

    What you can do is create a separate sale for the product, and add the Invoice # to the Appointment Notes of the original booking 👍

    As for the duration of an appointment, you can mark the beginning of a day-long appointment, and block the rest of the purchased time within your calendar 🙂  Then you can check-out the original booking once the client is leaving!

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