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Sliding Scale Commission


Now with CA new laws. I extremely need a sliding scale commission builder for each person. Where I can put in a base sales target before commission is granted and then slide up the rate for different sale targets as they're met in a week or month. I also need to lock retail sales into its own sliding scale and lock any item on sale in a specific commission rate.


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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - this feature is now live! Get started with tiered commissions or sliding scale commissions and set targets! Click here to view our handy Help Centre articles and find out more.

    If you have any more feature suggestions, create a post and vote!

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  • Hey Mandy 👋

    The current commission structure is designed for utmost simplicity and is standardized to one percentage across all services, products, and vouchers for each staff member.

    However, we are aware that most businesses have different commission structures and have forwarded your feedback to our product team. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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