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Copying products when making inventory


Hi Fresha Team,

I would really appreciate the option of copying products when making inventory. In my hair salon, I have many products like hair dyes that are completely the same (supplier, cost price etc.) save for the colour code which belongs to the name of the product.

I have around 100 hair dyes, so it would save me time if I could make the inventory by copying an existing item and just changing the name of the product slightly.



  • ideally we can use an existing product to clone in to a new product and only adapt the few elements like color nmbr in the name and SKU for example. by default the new product will be appended with (1) like in windows explorer duplicates 

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    Thanks for the suggestion! We'll add this to our list of features and share your thoughts with our product development team ❤️

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