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Treatment Type


Is there a reason that a user cannot create their own treatment type.

I teach CPR and would like to be able to add classes that I teach since they are a fixed price.



Thanks , Helen Savard


  • I also teach classes and want to be able to be able to add multiple Clients to specific events

     Thanks Nicki

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  • I’m using Fresha as both a dog groomer and also a freelance graphic designer, so all the treatment types are completely useless to me... it’s frustrating not being able to edit them!!

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  • I am setting up a Beauty Salon booking Software and just want a treatment type Facials ..

    Please can you add this 




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  • We need custom treatment types as well.

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  • This needs to happen asap.  how many votes are need to this to reality?

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  • Not having custom treatments / ability to create treatment category 100% prohibits my business adoption and four other companies I represent.

    (Pet Services x 3)

    (Car Detailing Services x 1)

    (Fitness Personal Trainer x 1)


    Please make available ASAP.



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  • Hey Folks 👋

    Services are completely customizable. Treatment types are for internal use only and will never be seen by the client, so for now, you can opt for anything in order to proceed with creating your service. We will certainly be looking at adding more options based on your suggestions including an Other option in the future. Thanks for sharing your feedback ❤️

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