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Hi, I've just come across Fresha and think it is a great system and offers some fantastic features. But I'd like to see other business type options available other than hair, beauty etc 

Is it possible to manually change the service and types of services available manually. I am in the design business and see Fresha could be used in this industry too. Also other health services as well.

Love to see iCloud and Google calendar integration.

Well done to the Fresha team for some lovely design elements and what looks like a great system.

Cheers Scott 

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  • I fully agree with you @Scott Frankel... This platform can in fact be used for any services offered which require a clientele by appointment and which requires a certain delay between the various operations.

    For my part, I have now been using Fresha for months, I have also noticed a change in philosophy since Fresha Plus, but still a lot could be added or tweaked to allow other types of businesses.

    I'm a a motorcycles and snowmobile (power sports) mechanical workshop manager. I use it to make my client appointments, to also measure the time allocated to my technicians or mechanics to do the jobs they are assigned to, then to schedule my specialist in vehicle aesthetics and ultimately to schedule the time of taking possession of said vehicles to customers who are happy with the delivery of their properties. You see?! Now Fresha is not only use for spa or beauty salon !!!

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