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Changing payment types


I'm trying to figure out how to make changes. I'm the owner and sometimes when I review the day, I see that a stylist mistakenly puts the wrong payment type, and I need to be able to correct that. Ideally, without having any additional notifications sent to the customer.

For example, yesterday a customer paid by check, but the stylist entered it as Card for one of the kids.

Another issue is being able to combine invoices. We have a lot of siblings and I'd like to be able to combine bookings onto one ticket.


  • Hey,
    i am also wondering how should we combine the bills between family members and Couples. 

    please share and that will be helpful.


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  • Hey Folks 👋

    As a rule of accounting, invoices cannot be edited once it's been raised but you can void it and put it through again, however invoices are tracked in real-time so invoices (sales) are tracked based on when the invoice is raised. This was a request from partners to accurately track payments, whilst also giving our partners the option to check why staff are not checking out on the date. 

    In regards to family members and combining invoices, we have some new features in the pipeline for the CRM so please so stay tuned ❤️

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