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It would be a great idea to have a dropdown feature added, to when people go to the site to book, they don't just see a full list of services, which can seem a bit confusing. E.g. a dropdown for all hair cutting services, and when they click, they can choose what service within that section they wish to book for... 

Just think that it can be a little off putting when going to book, and seeing a long list of services all mixed up, even though there is a title, most people won't look for that, they will look for the easiest option.

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  • Hi Maria 👋

    Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have, and have shared your feedback with our development team. This isn’t something we’re currently working on but we have loads of exciting features ready to launch over the next few months.

    For now, clients can swipe between the different service categories so it's now super easy to find the service they are looking for and book online ❤️

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