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Inventory Management


Looking to go live with the Fresha very shortly and currently working through adding all our products. We have a number of makeup brands with hundreds of sku's. The following improvements are required across inventory management:

1. Allow Product Variant - i.e. a Lipstick, foundation, lipgloss, eyeshadow etc can have many shades. At present you need to enter all details for each variant. Having a variant functionality will allow you to enter 1 product as a parent and then the variants as a sub-product. The sub product will only require minimal detail usually shade and sku/barcode, while the other details are taken from the parent.

2. Deactivate a product - products are constantly being discontinued by Brands. The current functionality allows you to 'not retail' the product, but it still shows as an active product. You can delete it however what happens to all the history? This needs to be maintained for audit purposes. Being able to deactivate a product so it does not show in the product list, but you maintain all the history is vital.

3. Product Filter - the Brand dropdown in the Product Filter is not sorted alphabetically. This should be sorted alphabetically to allow ease of brand selection. Looking at the other drop downs for Categories and Suppliers, this actually looks like a bug.

4. Products Assigned - The Brand, Category & Supplier pages show the products assigned to each of these. It would be great to be able to click and automatically show these products.

5. Invoice Number - When receiving a stock invoice, we need to be able to record the invoice number against the transaction.

6. Product Sizes - Allow for different sizes of the same product and different prices.

7. Product Import - allow import of products. When adding a brand it can be very time consuming (as we are experiencing) when adding many products.

8. Discounts on order receipt - allow entry of an order discount when the order is received. The discount will apply against every line in the order.

8a Discounts on order - allow entry of an individual product discount. i.e. the discount only apply's to the specific product in the order (rather than the whole order as in 8.). 

9. Tax on Wholesale price - be clearer on whether tax is included or excluded on the wholesale price. Whether the tax is included or excluded from the carrying cost of your stock. In Australia, GST should be excluded from the carrying value of the stock (you typically receive a credit for GST paid on purchases, which is offset against GST payable on your sales)

10. Order entry - Add multiple products at once to new order (that are not automatically included) 

11. Save Draft Order - save an order in draft before it is sent to supplier.

12. Product/Brand/Category/Supplier Home Pages - Be able to determine the columns that you see in this view. Make and save changes to these columns directly in this view.

13. Duplicate Product in Order - a warning comes up if you try to add a product that is already in the order.

14. Order Screen - show how many of the item is currently in stock

15. Receiving Order - add additional products that have been received but not on the original order.

16. Back Order - indicate that an item is on back order, ie item ordered but not received.

17. Impact of GST - there is no clear treatment for GST for stock purchases. At the moment I assume that it is inclusive of GST. Stock on the balance sheet however should be exclusive of GST. Therefore it is critical to be able to see total purchases inclusive and exclusive of GST.




  • Also able to sell product at cost not just dollar or % discount , and also stocktake 

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  • Also need to prevent staff accidentally deleting products please

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  • Steven Bailey,

    Thanks for the feedback - some excellent ideas there! 😍

    You'll be happy to know we have a major update planned for the inventory section including online product sales, product consumption, stocktaking, etc. We'll keep your suggestions in mind when developing these features. 

    Keep your eye on the bell icon 🔔 for any exciting updates from us! 


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  • Product Filter - when you select a filter you loose the option to export?

    also the filter doesn't stay when you click on a product.

    When trying to complete, stock line price increase or export products for stocktake this would be handy as there is currently no way to do stocktake effectively.

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  • Is there any progress on being able to upload products/services via a csv file to fresha instead of having to input individual items? I am about to open my new salon and have a myriad products to load and would have loved to have done it via csv but can only download not upload.

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  • Hi Steven Bailey and Everyone else.

    Importing products went live today. You can learn more about this here


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