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print/email list of appointments by client


It would be great to be able to send an email to a client with their full list of upcoming appointments. We have many clients who pre-book the whole year of appointments and there's no easy way to convey that list to them. Even being able to export a pdf list of appointments that could then be copy/pasted to an email would be really helpful.

Unfortunately, our clients aren't interested in having their own logins and managing this list themselves online, so we're eager for a way to streamline this process! 


  • Yess! This would be a wonderful feature!

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  • Hey Fiorella,

    Thanks for your feedback. Good news - we already have a feature in place for this. You can head to Sales>>Appointments, apply a specific date filter and enter the client's name in the search box. Once you have the data you need, just click the 'Export' button to download and view in full. 😊

    Having said that, client logins still remain a great way for them to view and manage their appointments online. Clients are required to create an account to make an appointment which also means they don't have to repeatedly enter their details when booking with you, saving them heaps of time. They'll also have all of their sales, appointment history, consultation forms etc. easily accessible from their account, which is super helpful should they need this data later on (e.g. for an insurance claim). 

    Keep the suggestions coming - we’re always looking for new and exciting features that will help you! ❤️

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