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Separate clients purchase history from their check out window


It's great to know how much a client enjoy your services : 0

It's also an amazing tool to be able to see their value to your business. However it is not so nice when they are picking those figures in their check out! If you do have a computer to which clients have visual access they will be seeing the amount too... As those figures are consecutive through all years, for sure it can blow their mind!

I really think that information should be accessed only by a separate tool by managers, not available to the reception.


  • This is really great idea!

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  • Hey Eva 👋

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. We don't hide this value as we've had requests in the past to make this visible at the appointment screen but I can definitely see how it would be a valuable feature for you given the use case that you described. We've shared your thoughts with our product team ❤️

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