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Pop-up for optional service add-ons


It would be nice to have a little pop up before a client confirms an appointment that offers the option to add on a service to the one they are already booking. 

For example: I am a hairstylist. When clients are booking a haircut, it would be great if a little pop up said "Hey gorgeous! Would you like to add on a conditioning treatment to (XYZ) for $?


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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - this feature is now live! Get started with upselling now. Click here to view our handy Help Centre articles and find out more.

    If you have any more feature suggestions, create a post and vote!

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  • This would be nice.
    We have related services; that are combined to make a complete service, e.g. colour, treatment cut, blow wave, all separate services often combined as one service.

    We dont combine them as they have procesding times, and shared across staff.

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  • Something like this would be great.

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    That's an awesome suggestion! We already have a request for this feature so could you please also vote here so we can keep the voting numbers together: https://support.fresha.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360014774273-Add-On-Services  ❤️

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