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Print Appts.


I wish we could print out the actual calendar in weekly/monthly view format with the lines and etc. I wish there was a short cut to print appts. on the actual calendar page under the plus sign where we make appts. I wish we could have a monthly view of the calendar appts on the cell phone and pc.

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  • Hi Becky 👋

    That's an awesome suggestion. Thanks for sharing ❤️

    For now, can print off your daily appointments by heading to "Sales">"Appointments" then export to PDF or Excel :). You could also save a lot of paper and simply log in from your mobile.

    Calendar month view is on our to-do list, you can add your vote here https://support.fresha.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002883449-Calendar-Month-View 👍

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