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Clients can confirm or reschedule appointments


Clients should be able to reply to “confirm” or “cancel” appointments. Some don’t like to call , which I know is ridiculous but letting them reply to the message to confirm or cancel may help eliminate no shows.


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    Hey folks!

    We would love to see your votes and feedback on the official feature request here: https://support.fresha.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115002883649-Client-Chat-Conversations-Reply-to-Notifications

    In the meantime, if you have online bookings enabled, your clients will receive SMS notifications with a link to manage their bookings 😃 

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  • this would be a great feature so that we don't have to hound them with a reminder then a follow up text to see if they are actually turning up... they could reply y/n then an icon comes up on the appointment to show they have confirmed

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  • Agreed ! I used mind body for a long time and that was how we confirmed appointments. Also, i don't like having to call clients to confirm. Id like the option to be able to text them directly through the app instead of locating the phone number and typing it in manually. That takes too much time, being able to text them directly from the app would be a lot more efficient. 


    Also the confirmation messages should allow just as long of a message as email. I don't like that SMS option is only a small amount of characters, it doesn't allow me to fit my entire message. 


    Little tweaks like that would be much appreciated. Other than that really enjoying the app ! thanks !

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