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Drag and drop appointments


I think it would be useful if we could on the calendar be able to drag a booking if they are already booked in into another slot so its able to move the whole appointment or even to anothet stylist then drop them where needed rather than editing all the times or stylist names (say if stylist is off sick etc we can drag the whole appointment over)


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    Whoop Whoop!

    You can now drag and drop appointments on mobile 😃 

    Click and hold the appointment until you see a shadow, then sliding your finger to the required location, let go and click save. 

    Another step towards ensuring Fresha remains the Most User-Friendly salon system in the world 🌎 


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  • Yes!  It is very useful.  

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  • It lets me do this on my laptop but not on a tablet/iPhone 

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  • Yes it works for desktop this is very helpful and convenient. But I’d like to share our experience in our spa.

    I am having problems with my booking agents lately and would like to consult you guys if theres a way to prevent it from happening.

    We have 3 booking agents in total all have access to our Fresha account.

    1. One of my booking agent booked a client who requested a specific therapist. So the procedure on booking is to put a heart on that therapist on Fresha.

    2. My other booking agent booked that specific therapist to another client because she was saying there was no heart on it so she dragged the booking to another therapist.

    3. Our client called us and is mad and complaining why we sent her a different therapist.

    Between my 2 booking agents i do not know who is telling the truth because there is no trace. My concern is that they can easily drag the booking in Fresha and book it to the other therapist even if the client requested a specific therapist. Is there a way that if they drag a booking and transfer to another therapist we could see the history or the changes they made?

    Please help.

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