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Client / Therapist Ownership


Where multiple self employed therapists work in one salon they often share one system (each with separate logins). The benefit of this is that clients can book online and checkout in the salon for multiple treatments with multiple therapists and don’t have to do them all separately. The downside to this, however, is that each therapist has access to every client on the database, including those belonging to other therapists.

I can’t restrict them from seeing clients details as that would stop them seeing their own clients too, and as they are self employed I have no right to do this.

In terms of permission levels it would be good if each therapist could each only see their own clients rather than all clients on the whole of the database.

Perhaps if we could have a checkbox in the client record card which says ‘viewable by’ and then we can tick which therapists should see them? Sometimes it might be multiple therapists if they use X therapist for their hair and Y for their nails.

If this could also be made into a report then it would mean that if a self employed therapist decides to leave and move on they could download only their clients (which they are entitled to do) and we wouldn’t have to somehow extract the information from a huge database of all clients.

Anyone else have this issue or have any suggestions to work around this? x


  • awesome idea

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  • This is so important for GDPR reasons too. And if staff leave they could take all of the client data with even those they have never treated.

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    That's an awesome suggestion. We do plan on adding new features for self-employed staff members so please do stay tuned ❤️

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