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Be able show rooms from multiple locations at same time.


I may be working at more than one location as an independent contractor renting space at each place.  For online booking, I like the idea of allowing my clients to see when I am available where and be able to book online.  But I would also like to see on one page any rooms I work in no matter which location to coordinate appointments better in case I am bouncing around a bit between two places.  I think it would be great if in Calander and Staff Working Hours therapists can see on one page, at lease in day view, (for the Calander) or under their name (in Staff Working Hours) all rooms no matter which location, for easier coordination of availability, appointments, etc. especially for us independent contractors that may be working at more than one place and/or doing in-home services independantly.  

Currently we have to switch locations and that can get very tedious when working off a smart phone or tablet. 

Also there should be an option for a location that doesn't require an address or an option for at least one room that doesn't have to be assigned to any location to facilitate mobile services scheduling more easily. 

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