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Please stop splitting treatments for one booking/client between different therapists


When a client books their treatments online it just automatically splits treatments between any therapists that are available. This is not great when a client comes in for a hollywood wax and an underarm wax (all rather intimate) but these treatments are split between two different therapists and there has to be a change over while client is on the bed and in a vulnerable position. 

This really comes across as unprofessional  and unorganized.

It would be better to manually split treatments rather - or have a notification come up saying that there are available spaces but to rather contact the salon directly. 



  • 100% agree. It also does not specify that the services are split between different providers on their email confirmation so clients come in thinking it is all booked with one person.


    Thank you!

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  • This is true in the case of waxing services. However for Manicure and Pedicure services, the splitting will be good as a manicure and a pedicure service be done by two nail technicians.

    Just that the current splitting is split one time slot of the other. It does not detect the next available person for the same time.

    I guess the system cannot be adjusted to suit all industries. Just action has to be adjusted manually by ourselves. 

    Perhaps some form of notification when a new online appointment comes in will serve as a good remainder for us. 

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  • It would also be nice if the client had the option to request multiple technicians if they wanted for each service instead of just being able to request only one technician.

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