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Order of staff displayed in calendar


i am wondering if there is a way to re arrange the order of staff columns to appear in the daily view of the calender for example if a new member of staff is added how they can be put into end column view instead of the first column


  • Hi,

    on your PC, from the Staff page, select staff members tab. Then click and hold the three dashes left of the name of the person you wish to move, dragging them to the desired position. This will change their position on the calendar.

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  • Jacqueline Mcvicar,

    Thanks for the suggestion. You'll be happy to know this feature is live and ready for you to use! Check out this handy article to help you get started with adding your staff members: How do I add staff members?

    If you have any more feature suggestions, create a post and vote - we'd love to hear 'em! 😊

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