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Different Colour For Confirmed Appointments


So you can tell at a glance, which appointments are confirmed.


  • And allow clients to confirm by text


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  • Hey Folks,

    Thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have and have shared your feedback with our development team. This isn’t something we’re currently working on, but we have loads of exciting features ready to launch over the next few months.

    Right now, if you change an appointment status to 'confirmed' it will remain blue in color, but it'll have a 👍  icon in the top-right corner, indicating it's confirmed.

    As a workaround for now we suggest, marking all confirmed appointments as 'arrived' instead. This will change the appointment colour to orange so you can easily see, at a glance, who has yet to confirm. (Make sure you've configured your Appointment Color Source by 'status' under Setup>>Account Settings in order for this to work!)

    Partners can still cast their vote if they would like this feature built in the future. 

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