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Staff Working Hours - Vacation/Time Off Option


Need an option to block a day off in the working hours that can't be overwritten by an adjusted schedule.  (ie. Vacation time, training, holidays etc.)  Should also have the ability to enter a custom note.


  • Maybe even to be able to schedule a task, training or meeting with that staff member. So it doesn't affect their billable hours but clients can't online book them for that time as they are busy. 

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    If you head to "Staff">"Staff Working hours", you can delete the working hours from the days that they are away.

    If you are closing the entire business down for vacation etc where no staff will be coming in then you can use the closed dates section from "Staff" > "Closed Dates" where you can set it for any number of days. This essentially means that no one can make any online bookings for that time period.

    To block out time for staff training, meetings, etc, you can use the Create block time option located at the top right of your Calendar tab 👍

    I've also passed along your thoughts and feedback to our product team. Thanks for sharing 💙


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