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Notifications for administrators


The ability to add reminders about the call to the client or any reminders regarding the client. For example, the client said that he needs to think, the administrator sets a reminder to call back to this client in 3 days. It is also convenient to set reminders for half a year ahead, to offer a repeat service to a satisfied customer.


  • At a place I worked before we had a VIP call list. Sometimes clients didn't want to commit to pre-booking because of hectic schedule or wanting to wait and see how their hair held up or how their skin did after a facial. So we would ask them if they wanted to be added to our VIP list. We would make a note of when they ideally needed to come back for their next appointment and then set the contact time to be a week ahead of that to remind them that they were due in.

    Kind of like a waiting list but instead it was a reminder list. They loved being put on the VIP list!

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    We love this idea! It's been shared with our product development team.

    Thanks for your feedback ❤️

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