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Calendar Display to show staff left to right according to starting times


We have staff that start at different times, 9:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm

Currently the calendar only display the staff in the order they were added into the system

So you have to scan across to see who is available at say 9:00 today, or 11:00

Would it be possible to have a sort/display option so that the staff are displayed by work start time from left to right?

Those that start work at 9:00am would be displayed first, 11:00am next, 1:00pm next








  • find this a great idea and support it fully as very applicable to our salon as well

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  • Hey Steve 👋

    That's a cool idea! We've shared your thoughts with our product team to see if this is something they plan on introducing in the future ❤️

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