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A way to keep track of whose turn is next


We need a application that can manage the turn system within a salon.

For instance tech No. 1 gets to work and signs in first. He/she is the first to take the first unrequested walk-in.
So now tech NO. 2 is next in line. And tech No. 1 goes to the end of the line. And so on and so on. But it's also one of the biggest headaches in a salon do does anyone have a secure system of transferring clientele to techs?


  • This would be a great feature. Maybe have all the staff to clock into Fresha when they walk in the door every morning, then their names will be displayed in the order that they clock in across the calendar so we can see who came in 1st 2nd 3rd....

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  • Hey Folks 👋

    Thanks for the suggestion! It's a great idea to distribute the workload evenly among staff members. We've taken note of your request ❤️

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