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Edit Invoice Once Closed


I would love love love an option to edit an invoice. I have been having issues where I close an invoice in the wrong amount or I put it through as the wrong payment type and would like to be able to edit them once they are closed. So that they stay on the same date. I have previously deleted the invoice and remade one but this is really really inconvenient to not be able to as it messes with my taxes and numbers at year end or at the end of each quarter. 


  • I have the same problem, I noticed an incorrect invoice from December last year and now I can't fix it as we are in the new financial year.

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  • Hey Folks,

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. This isn’t something we’re currently working on, but we have loads of exciting features ready to launch over the next few months.

    In the meantime, we suggest voiding the invoice and putting it through again.
    Partners can still cast their vote if they would like this feature built in the future. 

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