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split the sales by service with the sub groups


when services are set up and given offers or sub names/prices  it would be nice to have a report that shows this. as the sub services have different costs it would help with forecasting

for example:

 service: eyelash extensions

-classic new set

-Hybrid new set

-Russian new set

- classic Maintenance

- Hybrid Maintenance

-Russian Maintenance

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  • Hey Kim, 

    This is possible :) 

    You can add multiple service groups, then services then sub services. 

    Eg Service Group: Eyelash Extensions
    Service: Class new Set
    + sub service classic Maintenance
    Service: Hybrid new set
    + Hybrid Maintenance
    Service: Russian new set
    + Russian Maintenance

    We've updated your service menu to show as an example directly and we've left the original services there too. Have a look and tweak accordingly :) 

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