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Restrict a Service to One Location



Does anyone know if it’s possible to restrict a service to one location?  I have multiple locations for my massage practice, but I can only do hot stone massage out of one of them.  For online booking, I would appreciate it if I could list this service only at the location it is available from to avoid any confusion or disappointed clients.

If this isn’t possible yet, it should be implemented, please and thanks.



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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this idea - this feature is now live! Get started with setting up services by location now. Check out our guide here

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  • Yes, you could. For restrict a service in only one location, you need to choose a staff member that you have in this location.


    If you this person only work in this location, automatically the online booking recognise that you only have this service in this store.

    If the person that do this service work in more that one location, you need to creat a new resource in this location that you could do the service and attach this resource to the service that you want.



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  • Hi Kristina 👋

    Our team is in the middle of building a feature for service per location. In the meantime, you can create two separate service menus for each location under the Services tab,  then allocate the services to the staff that works at that particular location or you can add a small note to your booking policy under Setup > Online Booking Settings that says 'Prices may vary based on X'. Hope this helps until we have the official feature ❤️

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