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Register the permission to keep clients data


The software should send an automatic massage when the client is added to system.

This email should be editable like the others... In this email, according to the RDGP, the client should have all the information explaining for what we keep there contacts. They should have an option to click it, and give us the permission to keep there contacts. This permission should be recorded, to show to the authorities.




  • You could add this on the T&C of your website and that would suffice. It needs to be accessible by any prospective client before sign up.


    It's GDPR by the way :-)

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  • Michele Encke,

    Any clients that create a Fresha profile have to agree to the privacy policy on our website. This document can also be viewed before signing up by clicking on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the homepage. 

    We've also written an article on GDPR, which includes the actions we, Fresha, have taken and also steps you can take to also become compliant.

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