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Can we have a customer dashboard with login credentials



its great to see Fresha improving its interface 

i suggest to have a customer dashboard with login credentials related to a specific individual salon

through a specific token provided by salon owners via mail and sms to them before sign in by facebook or google

this will enable salon owners to pass and push notification of sales discount,

selling vouchers,

selling specific discount to specific client

going further adding rewards program

so that they can redeem it from their dashboard by login credential created by customer

i will be looking forward for this feature in near future.


PinkPearl salon

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  • Thanks for sharing! 😊

    You'll be pleased to know that clients can already create their own accounts and manage their appointments through the Fresha app or on our website. With the app downloaded, clients will also receive important updates via push notifications. 🙌

    We've also gone live with our new vouchers feature which allows you to sell vouchers online, as part of the Fresha Plus package. 🥳  

    With Fresha Plus' Marketing features you can also set criteria to reward clients with automated discount campaigns. 🎈🎈🎈

    Hope this is all exciting news. 💖

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