How do I activate my Hotspot to connect to the card terminal?

Activating your mobile hotspot on your device allows you to easily connect the terminal to a wireless network.

Turn on your terminal, activate the hotspot on your phone (iOS or an Android device), and follow the relevant steps to connect the terminal to your phone.

V400m / e285 card terminal

  1. From the main screen, press 1 followed by the green circle button on your card terminal.
  2. Access the Staff menu using the PIN code 1234 followed by the green circle button.
  3. Go to Network and select Wi-Fi (make sure Wi-Fi toggle is turned ON). 
  4. Click on the ➕ icon to see the list of available networks, and locate your phone’s network.

  5. Enter the Wi-Fi password which is listed on your phone, and press the green button.

  6. Wait until it connects then press ❌. Once you see the Wi-Fi and the cloud icons on the screen, it means the terminal is connected and ready to be used.  

Fresha S1 card terminal

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