Account verification process (KYC)

In order to process and collect payments through Fresha, Adyen is required to verify your identity and bank account details - this process is known as KYC (Know Your Customer).

As part of the verification procedure, specific documentation is necessary to verify your account, such as:

Important to know

  • Uploading these documents through our system is part of a standard payment processing requirement in line with the International financial regulations and AML (Anti Money-Laundering) laws and legislation. Click here to learn more about this.
  • The account holder needs to provide the required information and verify their account within 42 days.
  • Verifying your account can take up to two business days, provided that you've submitted the required documentation - you’ll receive an email confirming your account has been verified. If it is beyond 48 hours, and your account has not been verified, please email us at hello@fresha.com. Our team will promptly investigate the matter, identifying any documents that may have encountered verification issues, along with the corresponding reasons.
  • You can collect payments while waiting to have your account verified, however, funds will be automatically released as soon as your account has been verified successfully - this is called a transfer.

PRO TIP: To ensure your account will be successfully verified within two working days, there must be a perfect match between the proof of ID and the proof of banking or company registration documents, otherwise, your application will be rejected by Adyen. For example, if John Smith has a bank account in John Smith’s name, they should provide a bank statement in that exact name which is John Smith not Jonathan Smith.

NOTE: If you have a Fresha terminal assigned to your account, and you wish to change the account holder name (from company to personal name or personal name to company) please email us at hello@fresha.com to unassign it. Once your account has successfully verified, we will re-assign the terminal back to your account. 

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