Blast campaigns overview

Blast Campaigns is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to send targeted emails and text messages to your clients.  Whether you want to promote your latest offerings, announce new services or simply share an update, our Blast Campaigns can help you engage with your clients and increase booking volumes.

When creating a campaign we provide the ability to segment your audience, for example targeting only your most loyal clients. This ensures that you're able to target the right audience with your messaging, improving engagement  and supercharging your campaign performance.

All blast campaigns provide powerful reporting features that allow you to understand the performance of your campaign. This allows you to go beyond open and click rates to truly understand how your blasts are encouraging bookings and driving increased occupancy and revenue.

Blast campaigns can be sent via Email, Text Message, or both. To get started, go to Blast campaigns within the Engage menu, click New message and select your channel:

NOTE: Our Blast campaigns are currently available in the following countries. Keep an eye on the red bell icon as we'll notify you whenever new countries have been added, in case your country isn't on the list just yet!

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