How do payouts work?

Whether you’re using Pay by link for seamless, secure transactions, or the built-in charges for upfront payments (deposits), or no-show and late cancellation fees, it’s easier than ever to process payments online and receive regular payouts to your account.

You can choose how often to get paid out – daily, weekly or monthly – using Fresha’s payment features, giving you more control over your cash flow.

Once you’ve set up payments and started processing transactions, we can make daily payouts to your account (excluding bank holidays and weekends), as long as you process more than $50/£50/€50 per day per location. If your daily balance is between $1/£1/€1 and $50/£50/€50, you'll receive your payment in full the following Monday. If weekly payouts are chosen, your total available balance since the last payout will be transferred to your account. If monthly payouts are chosen, we will transfer your total available balance since the last payout on the first business day of the next month.

It can take a couple of days for your payment cycle to kick in, so if you have chosen daily payouts and you process your first $50/£50/€50 total payment on a Monday, the first payment will reach your bank account on Thursday. If you are then consistently processing more than $50 per day, you'll receive daily payouts to the allocated bank account set up in your wallet under billing details (minus any automatic top-ups that have been charged against your card).

NOTE: Please note that banks do not process payments on weekends and bank holidays. That means our card processor, Adyen, cannot receive funds to release payouts. All money you’ve collected on weekends or bank holidays, will be processed on the following working day. To see a list of bank holidays, download Adyen Observed Bank Holidays list.

NOTE: Automatic top-ups are charges made against the card added under Payment methods. Top-ups will be charged if your balance is negative, at the end of the month, and we charge your card to settle it to 0 or you purchase items like blast messages or terminals.

PRO TIP: The more payments processed with our payment processing solution, the more regular your payouts will be.

Payout examples


Partners in Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the US can receive payment the following day (excluding bank holidays and weekends.)


The following examples relate to the daily payout option only:

  • If you process a payment on Monday 1st, we’ll release the payment on Tuesday 2nd, and depending on your bank, the payment is likely to land in your account on the same day (in rare cases maybe Wednesday 3rd).
  • If you process a payment on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th, we release those payments on the following Monday 8th where they land in your bank account on the same day (in rare cases maybe Tuesday 9th).


Payouts are made to partners in the UAE every Monday on a weekly basis.

  • If you process a payment on Monday 1st, we’ll release the payment on Monday 15th.
  • If you process a payment on Wednesday 3rd, we’ll release the payment on Monday 15th.
  • If you process a payment on Friday 19th, we'll release the payment on Monday 29th.

Payments into your bank account will appear in your statements and show as "Fresha" with our registered address.

NOTE: Payment processing fees do not include tax. Tax is charged in addition but only on the service fee and not on the total value of the invoice. Click here to find out how fees work.

NOTE: The timeline for daily PLN payouts will depend on the issuing bank of your clients. Fresha passes on the funds as soon as they become available. On average this takes place within 2 days.

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