How do I send appointment reminders to my clients?

You can send up to three reminder notifications for a single appointment via email and text message. 

  1. Either go to Business Settings and click Client notifications, or navigate to the Clients section and click Automated messages.
  2. Select an existing reminder notification or click Add reminder to create an additional reminder.
  3. Set your Reminder time frame to choose how far in advance your automated message sends. Click Next step to continue. 
  4. On the Select channels page, you can choose how the automated reminder message should be sent to your clients. Switch the toggles on or off to choose if the reminder sends via Text message and/or Email
  5. Click Preview to see how the automated message will look. For email notifications, you can select Preview and edit to add extra information, if you’d like to.

Once you are happy with any changes made, click Next Step. You will then see a summary of the automated message details, including when and how it is sent to your clients.

Once confirmed, all future appointment reminders will be sent automatically according to your current settings and the client’s notification preferences (as defined in their Fresha account settings or Client Profile).

NOTE: The App notification is compulsory for clients that have downloaded the Fresha app and cannot be toggled off.

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