How do I create a COVID-19 form?

To help support your business and your clients, we’ve created a template that you can edit and use straight away to keep your business and clients safe. 

To edit and activate your COVID-19 consultation form, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to FormsScreenshot_2020-11-17_at_14.49.34.pngwhere you’ll find a consultation form called COVID-19.
  2. Click three_dots_down.png next to the form and select Edit. 
  3. We’ve created three sections that we think are important in making sure your business is COVID-19 secure. You can make some edits by clicking the three_dots.png next to the section you’d like to make changes to and Edit.
  4.  Once you’re happy with the edits you’ve made, click Next step.
  5. Give your form a name and choose when to Ask the client to complete the form from the drop-down. 
  6. Choose which service(s) the form applies to. This means whenever a client books any of these services, they will be asked to complete this form. Click Edit to see a full list of the services available and select the blue_tick.png next to the services the form will apply to.
  7. Under Signatures, use the sliding scale enable.png to enable or disable a client or staff member's signature requirement. We recommend having this enabled.
  8. Click Save to confirm your settings.
  9. After one final preview of your form, click Next step to finish making changes. 
  10. Once created, your form will remain inactive. Click Activate now to start sending it to your clients or Activate later to save it as a draft.

NOTE: Clients will need to type their full name into the Client signature box when consenting to the information outlined in the form. Client signatures will be coming in one of our future updates. 

PRO TIP: We recommend using a title that references COVID-19 and asking clients to complete the form whenever they book your services or visit your business. 

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