How do I use Fresha’s email builder?

With our drag & drop email builder you can create beautiful & impactful campaigns in minutes. 

Add as many blocks as you want using the intuitive drag & drop builder and customise the look and feel of your email to perfectly match your brand and engage your audience. 

Our email builder includes multiple block types to help you build your emails in any way you like:

Title - The words you choose for your title can have a big powerful impact on your readers. Make sure to add a catchy title to compel your reader to continue reading your message. 

Paragraph - Add text to your email with our paragraph block. Here you can also style the text, including the font, colour and alignment. Use multiple paragraph blocks to break up your content and create an engaging flow to your emails.

Divider - Dividers help to organise the content of your email and make it more readable. Style your dividers by selecting the colour and whether you would like a solid, dotted or dashed line.

Image - Images can help elevate your message and create more visually compelling emails. You can choose an existing image from our Fresha library or you can upload your own. Make your images clickable by adding a link to the block.

Button - When creating an email it’s important to have a clear ‘call to action’. Our button block allows you to do this by having a clear place for your recipients to click. You can add a custom link to your button or configure an automatic link to your Fresha online profile.

Social - Use the social block to automatically add your social media links into your email. This can be a great way to increase your social following and generate long term engagement from each email campaign.

Deal - Discounts can give your sales a proper boost and can drive new customer acquisition and brand loyalty over time. When configuring a deal block you can choose from your existing Deals or you can create a new Deal.

NOTE: When creating a deal, make sure you also create a coupon code for that deal. This way, you will be able to use the deal within your email.

Themes - Different themes may be selected from the Themes menu item. Here you can select one of our pre-built themes or customise the settings to create your own. Theming your emails to match your brand is a great way to drive recognition and engagement with your content.

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