How do I set up smart pricing?

Quick steps

Engage > Smart pricing > Set up now > Select locations > Select team members > Select services > Configure pricing rules > Update setup

Experiencing a surge of bookings one minute and nothing the next? Balance your appointment demand with smart pricing. Here, we’ll guide you through how smart pricing can increase your sales during quiet periods and maximise value during busy ones.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through: 

Smart pricing explained

We’ve replaced off-peak deals with new smart pricing. This enhanced feature automatically adjusts your online service prices in two ways:  

Surge pricing increases online service prices during peak periods to maximise value. 

Off-peak pricing reduces online service prices to encourage more sales during quiet periods.

Instead of creating multiple off-peak deals, smart pricing will dynamically change online service prices based on the pricing rules you set. Vous pouvez: 

  • Change prices during specific times on selected days
  • Configure price changes by locations, services and team members

Getting started

You won’t need to prep anything in advance to set up smart pricing. All you’ll need to know is when you’re most busy or quiet.

Setting up smart pricing

  1. Go to Engage and select Smart pricing.
  2. Click Set up now for initial setup, or Set up smart pricing for a different location. 
  3. If you have multiple locations, choose which ones you want smart pricing to apply to.
  4. Select the team members that can be booked under smart pricing. 
  5. Select the services smart pricing will apply to.
  6. Set up your smart pricing rules:
    Day -  

    select the days for smart pricing to apply.



    Time intervals - 


    use the drop-down menus to enter when appointments are available with the smart pricing. You can add up to three intervals by clicking Add hours, making sure they don’t overlap. 


    Changement de prix -


    use the drop-down menu to select whether you want the price to increase or decrease. 


    Modifier par -


    select a value and enter how much you want the price to increase or reduce by.

  7. Click Update setup to finish. 

Fresha’s top tips 

🟣 Remember to set up smart pricing during your working hours. You can still enter days and times outside of these hours but they won’t be available for clients booking online.

🟣 The smart pricing rules will apply to all the services and team members selected for the location during setup. Team members can’t customise these per service. 

Find answers and fixes

Got questions about this feature? Let’s get them answered.

How do clients see smart pricing when booking online?

    • If you have smart pricing set up, your online service prices will automatically adjust and show as follows: 
      • For off-peak pricing, the relevant time slots will appear showing the reduced price and value e.g.50% off £10 £5
      • For surge pricing, the relevant time slots will appear at the increased price e.g. a service that is usually £5, will appear as '£7.50' if you have set a 50% increase.

How will I know which appointments have been booked with smart pricing? 

    • You’ll be able to see whether an appointment has been booked with smart pricing. To see this, access the appointment and click on the service to view more details. Under the price, it will state whether a smart pricing increase or decrease has been applied, along with the value e.g. 50% smart price increase. 

Can I add more discounts to smart pricing? 

    • You can only add a discount on services with smart pricing where the price has been increased. To do this, access the Appointment and click on the Service. Next to the price, use the  Discount drop-down to apply a discount and click Apply.

What is the minimum time I can offer smart pricing?

    • When setting up your smart pricing rules, the minimum time interval is five minutes. The maximum value smart pricing can change by is 1000%.

Can I edit smart pricing once it has been set up? 

    • You can edit smart pricing once it has been set up. For this, select Actions next to the location where you’ll have the option to Edit, Pause or Clear the smart pricing. Click here to learn how to manage smart pricing. 

Will smart pricing still apply if my client reschedules? 

    • If a client has an appointment with smart pricing, this will be removed from the service if they choose to reschedule to a time slot where special pricing is not available.

Smart pricing summary

You’re all set up with smart pricing. This can be accessed under the Engage tab where you can edit, pause or clear them at any time. Smart pricing applies to the location, team members and services you select when setting up. You can select different services and team members per location. The prices will automatically increase or decrease on the days and times you have selected.

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