How do I add team breaks and blocked time?

Incorporate breaks into your team’s shift patterns through their working hours or the Calendar. Schedule these in one of two ways: 

Regular breaks

Create multiple shifts in your team’s working hours to schedule regular breaks such as lunches into the day. You can set this up for any day of the week or set it up as a regular shift pattern.

Create regular breaks

  1. Go to Business settings and select Working hours.

  2. If you have multiple locations, use the drop-down menu to filter your calendar by location. 

  3. To view specific Team members, click Change and select the relevant team members before clicking Apply

  4. Click on the Team member or an existing shift you wish to edit.

  5. Select Set regular shifts

  6. Under the relevant day, enter the start and end times of the first shift. The end time of your first shift will signify the start of the break. 

  7. Click Add a shift to add the second shift.

  8. Enter the start and end times for your second shift. The start time of the second shift will signify the end of the break.

  9. Repeat steps 6-8 for each working day of the week.

  10. Under Schedule type, select how often you’d like this weekly shift pattern to repeat. 

  11. Under Start date, select a date you would like this regular shift pattern to begin.

  12. Under Ends, select whether you wish to end this regular shift pattern on a Specific date or Never to keep it ongoing.

  13. Click Save.  


  • Regular breaks between shifts will be greyed out on your calendar to show when team members are unavailable.
  • If you’ve set shifts to repeat every week, the same break time will show on your calendar every week as ongoing or until a specific date. 


Blocked time 

Add blocked time to your calendar for flexible breaks. This feature allows your Team members to use their time efficiently and quickly adapt their breaks around client appointments or block out periods where they’re unavailable e.g. meetings, training, etc. 

Add blocked time to your calendar 

  1. Go to your Calendar and click Add (or the Screenshot_2020-09-21_at_15.12.33.png icon if you’re using the app). You can also click on any time slot in your calendar. 

  2. Select New blocked time. 

  3. Under the relevant team member on the calendar, click on the time you're looking to block out. 

  4. Add a Title for your blocked time e.g. Meeting.
  5. Where needed, adjust the Team member, Date and Time using the drop-down menus. 
  6. To set this blocked time to recur regularly, use the drop-down menu under Repeat to set your preference. 
  7. Add a Description for more information about the blocked time e.g. Team meeting to discuss new products. 
  8. If you'd still like to allow clients to book your services online during this blocked time, check the box blue_tick.png next to Allow online bookings during blocked time.
  9. To add the blocked time to your Calendar, click Save.

Click here to learn more about setting up recurring blocked time.


  • Once your blocked time has been added, your team will see a conflict warning if they attempt to create an appointment that overlaps with a blocked time.
  • To delete blocked time from your calendar, click on the time you’d like to remove and select the bin icon. 

PRO TIP: You can also add blocked time by clicking on the team member's name at the top of your calendar and selecting Add blocked time. 

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