How do I update my business closed periods?

If you have any upcoming business closures or public holidays that will affect your usual opening hours, it’s a good idea to schedule your business closed periods (closed dates) in advance so your clients know when they can book with you - especially if you have online bookings enabled!

  1. Go to Business settings and select Business closed periods.
  2. Click add_new.png or Add closed period.
  3. Create a Start date and an End date for when your business will be closed.
  4. Add a description for why the business is closed, such as Public holiday or renovations.
  5. If you have multiple locations that the closed dates will apply to, click Screenshot_2020-11-10_at_11.19.16.png next to the relevant location/s. 
  6. Save changes.

NOTE: Make sure your team working hours and availability reflect any changes made to your business opening hours.

PRO TIP: You can edit or delete your business closed periods at any time by heading to closed dates and selecting the relevant date range.

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