How do I use Fresha's point of sale?

Fresha's Point of Sale (POS) is a one-stop-shop for managing every checked-out appointment and product, voucher, or membership sale for your business. 

Designed to help simplify the checkout experience for both you and your clients, you can now create a cart for each client that includes their appointments, products, memberships, vouchers, services, and tips. Each cart can be modified, for example, by adding or removing products or applying a discount. When the cart is ready, you can accept payment with various payment methods.


We've provided a detailed guide to help you get the most out of this feature below:

  1. Under Sales, you’ll find the New sale tab that allows you to build a cart of appointments, services, or items you want to check out. If you check out from an appointment on your calendar, you’ll be redirected to this page.
  2. Once there you can check out appointments and add Products, Services, Memberships, and Vouchers to the client's cart.
  3. Use the search bar, filters, and calendar (to check out only) to locate a client, item, team member, or service name and add it to your cart. You can create a client profile if they don’t already have one.
  4. Click on each item in the cart to edit it, remove it, assign it to a team member, and apply a discount. You can manually apply a discount by adjusting the price of the item.
  5. Once you’ve filled your cart and assigned it to a client, click Continue and Add a tip amount if the client would like to add one.
  6. Click continue to collect payment. You can accept a range of payment methods, including Send Link, Card terminal, Cash, Voucher, or Split Payment. If you select Split payment, you will need to choose which payment methods the client would like to use.
  • Daily sales - View, filter, and export the transactions and cash movement for the day. 
  • Appointments - View, filter, and export appointments booked by your clients. 
  • Sales history - View, filter, and export your sales history. 
  • Vouchers - View, filter, and export vouchers purchased by your clients. 
  • Memberships - View and filter memberships purchased by your clients.
  • Product orders - View the status of all products ordered via your Fresha store.


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