How do I set up my marketplace profile?

With over 40,000 clients making more than 1 million bookings every month, Fresha marketplace is the easiest way to attract new clients and increase the loyalty of your regulars. 

To set up your online profile:

  1. Go to Online profile Screenshot_2021-03-23_at_15.16.08.png and select Marketplace profile.
  2. Click on List profile.
  3. Under Profile Details, add key details about your business to display on your online booking profile. Let your clients know what makes your business great and what types of services you offer.
  4. Enter your business location using the address search bar or by clicking Edit in the address box.
  5. Add directions to your business location to help your clients find you easily when booking an appointment online. Make sure your map location matches your address directions exactly.
  6. Add billing information for your client's invoice.
  7. Set the opening hours you’d like to display on your online booking profile. Use the toggle enable.png to update your staff working hours with the new hours you've set.
  8. Upload your profile pictures. Use high-quality, branded photos to show off your services and make your profile look professional. Check out Fresha photography guidelines for more information.
  9. Once completed, click Continue and select Preview to make sure the information you've provided is correct.
  10. If you’re happy with your profile, select Publish Profile and enter your mobile number to receive a verification code
  11. Enter the 4-digit code to publish your profile online.


NOTE: You can edit or unlist your profile at any time by going to More Options and choosing whether you’d like to Edit or Unlist

PRO TIP: Adding online booking links to your website and social accounts allow clients to book your services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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