What payment types are available?

Whether you choose to offer and track multiple payment methods or simply offer cash and card, you can add as many different payment methods as you’d like to offer your clients. 

When creating a payment method, you’ll notice that there are two that are already listed - Other and Cash. Cash is locked to your account as a payment method and cannot be edited or deleted. Click on Other to change the Payment type name to one of your preferred payment methods or click add_new.png to create a new one. Click here for more information on creating a payment method.

NOTE: There’s no need to add Voucher as a payment method. If vouchers are available to purchase, the option to pay with a voucher will be available at checkout. Click here for more information. 

PRO TIP: Click on Screenshot_2020-11-10_at_11.00.55.png next to each payment method to rearrange the order they appear at checkout.

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