How do I set up upfront payments (deposits)?

Using Upfront payments, you will be able to require partial or full payment upfront, for all or selected services. 

Requirements for using and setting up deposits:

  • You must have Fresha payment processing enabled. Fresha payment processing is currently available in certain countries. If your country isn't listed, keep your eyes peeled as it will be available in more countries soon!
  • You can choose either Upfront payments or Capture card details - you cannot have both.
  • Upfront payments will be subject to the same standard payment processing fees as other card transactions.
  • Upfront payments will be applicable by default for both online and offline appointments.
  • When an upfront payment is collected, no invoice will be issued. An invoice will be issued once the whole appointment has been checked out.
  • There won’t be any automatic refunds of Upfront payments. You will need to refund them manually prior to the appointment, from the appointment, or after the appointment via the invoice.

Enable upfront payments

  1. Go to Payments, click Manage, then Update and select Collect upfront payments. If you haven’t set up payment processing yet, click Start now.
  2. Set the standard amount as percentage (ie 50%) or a fixed amount (ie £50) that clients will be required to pay at the time of the booking - this can apply across all services or you can customise it per service.
  3. Click Next step and choose which clients should be required to pay upfront - all clients or choose a client group.
  4. Set your policy and terms - include a brief summary of your upfront payment policy and add any additional terms and conditions that you want your clients to see when booking and confirming appointments.
  5. Click Finish to confirm. 

NOTE: A summary of your policy can be found in Payments section. Click Manage to make changes to your upfront payments and amounts at any time.

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