How do I set up and view my automated messages?

You can choose how to send each type of client message: via text, email and in-app notification in your Automated messages.

 Use the following steps to view or edit your client messages:

  1. Either go to Business Settings and click Client notifications or navigate to the Clients section and click Automated messages.
  2. Here you will find all types of automated messages and the green badges showing which channels these are being sent through ie Email, App or Text.
  3. If you want to view how these messages are displayed or make edits, click on an automated message type. 
  4. The Automation rules page shows what triggers this particular message to send and when (if applicable). For example, the Rescheduled Appointment message is triggered to send automatically when a client’s appointment start time is changed. For  Appointment notification types, you can set your Reminder timeframe to choose how far in advance your automated message sends. Click Next step to continue. 
  5. On the Select channels page, you can choose how the automated message should be sent to your clients. Switch the toggles on or off to choose if the message sends via Text message and/or Email. Please note the App notification is compulsory and is set to send by default to any clients that have downloaded the Fresha app.  
  6. Click Preview to see how the automated message will look. For the email notification, you can select Preview and edit to add extra information if you choose.
  7. Once you are happy with any changes made, click Next Step. You will then see a summary of the automated message details: when and how it is sent to your clients.


NOTE: Texts will only be sent to clients with a phone number, and emails will only be sent to those with an email address. Ensure these are kept up to date in the Client List.

NOTE: In the event of a late cancellation or no-show fees being charged, these automated messages will be sent, regardless of your automated message settings.

NOTE: The App notification channel is compulsory and is set to send by default to any clients that have downloaded the Fresha app.

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