What hardware is Fresha compatible with?

Fresha is a SAAS (software as a service) platform which can be accessed from any device connected to the web. 

If you want to connect a printer or cash drawer, Fresha's software has no special hardware requirements. The only exception is the mPoP printer, which is not compatible with Fresha.

As long as your printer is compatible with your device that runs Fresha via an app or browser, Fresha will print on it.

Cash drawers are usually connected via a USB to your computer and open when a receipt is sent to print. With any USB-connected hardware, you should be able to adjust the printer settings directly rather than make any adjustments in Fresha.

Each printer/cash drawer settings vary, and you will need to configure the correct settings on your computer to trigger a cash drawer opening and/or a receipt printing when you close an invoice in Fresha.

PRO TIP: We recommend checking your printer settings and looking for an option similar to: "Cash drawer automatically opens on Print action”.

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