How do I sync my calendar with Fresha?

Syncing your Fresha calendar with your personal calendar is a great way of managing the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business alongside your personal schedule, giving you complete visibility of what’s happening on any given day. 



You and your team members can now sync your Fresha calendar with personal calendars such as Google calendar, as well as any other salon booking software your clients might use to book an appointment with you.

By syncing your calendars, you and your team members can view and manage all of your work and personal commitments in one place, saving you time that can be better spent on yourself and your clients, and preventing any appointments from being double booked.

Sync Fresha events to an external calendar

  1. Click on the avatar icon and select Workspaces

  2. Click Manage next to the workspace you would like to sync your calendar with.

  3. Select Sync a calendar and choose Google calendar or Other calendars.

  4. If you have selected Google calendar, you will be prompted to give Fresha authorisation to access your calendar. Make sure you have checked the tickbox before pressing Continue. If you encounter an error message, go to the previous step, check the tick box to grant Fresha permissions, and try to sync your calendar again.

  5. If you have selected Other calendars, click on Export your Fresha calendar to copy the calendar URL and add it to your other calendars (click link below for further instructions). Only applications you share this link with will have access to your Fresha calendar.
  6. Once your calendar has been synced, all Fresha calendar events (appointments) seven days prior to syncing and all future events will be synced to your external calendar.

How to manually sync to Apple iCal, Outlook and Google calendars.

Remove synced calendar from your Fresha account

  1. Click on the avatar icon and select Workspaces

  2. Click Manage next to the workspace you would wish to remove the Google synced calendar.

  3. Click on the three dots next to the synced calendar, and select Unsync.
  4. There will be a confirmation pop-up window where you will choose Yes, unsync to remove the synced calendar from your Fresha account. 
  5. Any new Fresha appointments will no longer be exported to Google calendar after it has been unsynced but will remain on the Fresha calendar.

PRO TIP: Fresha events will only show a start time and an end time. Any changes made to a Fresha calendar event, for example, a cancelled or rescheduled appointment, will be reflected in the external calendar.

NOTE: Depending on the external calendar you use, it may take some time for the Fresha events to appear in your external calendar.

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