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Feature Request: Booking Confirmation Timeout or Alerts


As a business, I would like to have appointments that have not been confirmed by card to send a notification to me or staff stating that the appointment has not been confirmed by card or to automatically cancel the upcoming appointment xxxxxxx hours before to make way for an appointment that will be confirmed by card.

They should be automatically followed up on beforehand, because having to constantly go through appointments to check and manually ask clients (again) to confirm is not only time-consuming but requires constant follow-ups, which to an extent defeats the object of using Fresha.

What we need is to have the option to specify that if an appointment is not confirmed (with card details) within a specified time of their appointment, this is either flagged up as an alert ('Your customer xxxxxxxxxxx has not confirmed their appointment which is now xxxxxx days/hours away') or auto send the client a final reminder ('Your appointment will be cancelled unless you confirm within x hours').

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    Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have, and have shared your feedback with our development team.

    This isn’t something we’re currently working on, but we have loads of exciting features ready to launch over the next few months.

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