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Here at Fresha, we seriously value your ideas and suggestions and we have a great track record of taking on board user feedback and making it happen. For this reason, we’ve built a forum just for you to post ideas and to keep track of our progress.

Features with the most votes will be prioritized first and anytime a feature is completed, you’ll be informed as we update the idea status.  

We support an open and friendly environment in our community. To maintain that environment,  we ask you to be respectful of one another and Fresha, act with good intentions, and use good judgment, and assume that others are doing the same. You are responsible for your own actions while participating in this community.

Here are some things to remember in the community:

  • Search the forum for current ideas before posting new ones as it may already exist
  • Keep ideas as a single topic so they are easy to track
  • Be respectful, friendly, and sincere
  • Use appropriate tone and language
  • Encourage others, especially new users
  • Share what you know
  • Help others
  • Provide constructive, helpful ideas, answers, and feedback
  • Give enough detail, including screenshots and links if needed
  • Relax and have fun!

Please use our Community to post new ideas and the Support button for help with the product. 

All questions around suggestions or issues should be posted to hello@fresha.com where we can help you out directly. Never share sensitive information!

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