How do I set up online bookings?

Online bookings are key to increasing your appointments and connecting you with your clients. 52% of appointments made online are created outside of regular working hours. Ficando disponível online em tempo integral, você pode cultivar o crescimento da sua empresa ao oferecer flexibilidade total aos clientes na hora de reservar.

To start taking online bookings, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Online profile, click on Start Now and select Publish Profile.
  2. Add key information like your business description, general opening hours, and Google Maps location.
  3. Add some high-quality photos to show off your business and the services you offer. For some handy photo guidelines, see our Photography Guidelines
  4. Select Publish Profile Now to list your online bookings. If you need to edit your Marketplace profile at any point, head to Online profile and select Marketplace profile. Click on Options and select Edit Profile.
  5. Go to Services, select a service you’d like to enable, and make sure Enable online bookings has been switched on enable.png. Click here to find out how to add your services.
  6. Go to Team and make sure your team working hours match their availability.  Click here to find out how to add team working hours.

PRO TIP: Adding an online booking link to your website and social accounts will make it easier than ever for your clients to book your services. Click here to find out more.

NOTE: If you receive the notification advising "Your salon has not enabled online bookings for this location." make sure you’ve added Working hours.

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